Hot Dogs Cars For Sale

Hot Dogs Cars For Sale. Late Model Cars For Sale.

Hot Dogs Cars For Sale

hot dogs cars for sale

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Big applause for Queen Katelynn

Big applause for Queen Katelynn
The 100th annual Cleveland, Washington – Alder Creek Pioneer Rodeo of June 2010 was now set to begin.

Yakama Indians entered and circled the arena in their bright traditonal attire and leather and bead adorned horses; a mounted ladies’ drill team with bright purple flags, riding in perfect formations and criss crossing the arena at break neck speeds entertained; rodeo queens from towns in the area, with Bickleton’s Queen Katelynn made spirted rides around the permimeter acknowleding the crowds applause, with waves; and then the flag was brought forth to center arena by a drill team rider; and the 12 year old girl with the pure sweet voice, sang the national anthem.

Afterwards the rodeo "opening act" of teams of three young men armed only with a length of rope and milk bottle tried (mostly in vain) to restrain (two of the me) range cows, while the third team member tred to get some milk from the cow.

It was hilarious, with range cows often getting the upper hand and refusing to yield any milk until the time out horn sounded. Some of the more indignant range cows turned the tables and chased cowboys across the arena. What fun for all.

A trip to Bickleton 07.07.2007

When I went to Washington State University I met students from all over the state. One in particular, named Mike Clark, was from a town so small that his entire high school graduating class included just seven other students. It was also right out in the middle of nowhere. The name of the town – – Bickleton, Washington (Kittitas County). I nicknamed Mike “Bickleton”. The last two years at WSU I didn’t keep track of Mike but heard that he had gone into the air force and was flying fighter jets (this near the end of the Vietnam War).

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I were visiting her Aunt Betty and Uncle Jess in Yakima. We got to talking about how fun it was to visit small towns. We started sharing stories of our own favorite small towns. Jess said he had always wanted to visit Bickleton because a pilot friend of his had flown over the town and mile from the town out in a field were all these old cars, and in good condition.

I told Jess I had actually gone to school with somebody from Bickleton and since I had never been there, I was determined to make a mini road trip there. Today (July 7th, 2007) my wife and I drove to Bickleton.

We drove to Mabton first (had to ask directions because the back way we took, the highway stopped abruptly and it wasn’t clear whether we should go left or right to reach Mabton, that should have been “straight ahead”).

Once at Mabton we found the sign pointing the way to Bickleton and off we went on a winding two lane asphalt road through treeless prairie. Up a major ridge we went and then up and down through broken canyon country.

I had read on the internet that Bickleton prided itself on the following. Bickleton is:

* The blue bird capital of the WORLD (when you self proclaim something you can be generous in scope).

* Site of the oldest rodeo in the state of Washington (hard to find enough cowboys with just 90 people in town). 2010 was the 100th running of this wonderful small town rodeo.

* The oldest tavern in the state, called the Bluebird [with a name like the Bluebird Tavern, you wouldn’t expect bikers but there was one Harley (man and a woman together) parked outside the Bluebird]. The Bluebird Tavern. Washington State’s oldest tavern, opened for business in Bickleton, Washington in 1882. A 1903 Brunswick pool table in the tavern in original.

* An antique and rare carousel (built in 1902 and moved from Portland, Oregon in 1929). It is only operated ONCE a year, the second week in June, at the oldest rodeo in the state.

* Last but not least and most intriguing was the Whoop N Holler ranch and museum. It was said to be 13 miles out of town (toward the Columbia River and the tiny town of Roosevelt, Washington). As near as I could tell the Whoop N Holler museum housed a HUGE collection of restored antique cars – – out in the middle of nowhere). This was undoubtedly the source of Uncle Jess’s story of “old cars by the hundreds, out in the middle of nowhere).

About 12 miles before reaching Bickleton, we started seeing lot of bluebird nests. They were all painted white with a bright blue roof on them. Lots of time and care had been taken in the construction and placement of these nesting boxes for mountain blue birds.

Soon we found ourselves actually entering DOWNTOWN Bickleton, population 90 (more or less). We were both hungry but there weren’t too many choices in Bickleton. On our right the Bluebird Tavern (at the time no vehicles in front, one Harley Davidson motorcycle parked in the shade on the side. Next on the right, the squat metal Bickleton Fire Department with about four doors and an old fire truck sitting outside at the end of the building (a small old fire truck). A big shade tree stood in front like the “village Smithy of old”.

'65 Mustang convertible IV

'65 Mustang convertible IV
It is a beautiful morning in Fayetteville, even though it is a morning that started out technically disappointing. For the past few days, the town has been filled with bikers who are having a festival here. There are said to be around 400,000 of them, which may be an overestimate but probably by much. There were rumours of a corresponding hot rod show this morning and it was for this that we got up earlier than usual (or at least it was earlier for me). Sadly there was no such show in evidence at its rumoured location, yet somehow it really did not matter because it is such a joy to be up and out on a morning that is so fresh, and clear.

As luck would have it, we encountered two vintage cars on our trip across town from the non-venue to the Underground. The first was a well-rusted ’71 Oldsmobile Cutlass and a slightly battered ’72 Plymouth Gold Duster.

Right now I am sitting on the downtown square and the relaxed bustle of the Saturday farmer’s market is flowing around me. The locals walk around the square, sipping coffee, pushing prams and leading small dogs. Children are safe to run about on the closed streets. Stalls run around all four sides of the square and whilst there is an abundance of squash on sale today, there are also fruits and flowers and a good number of craft stalls.

Everyone walking past seems to have a smile on there faces, exchanging hellos with friends and with vendors. After finally managing to arrange some cash, I had a walk around earlier and bought a bag of spy gold apples, some flowers for Megan and spotted a very showroom-neat ’65 Mustang. I even saw a few people I know. There is such a wonderful, laid-back vibe out here that, even though Megan is celebrating the closing day of her show inside the Underground with muffins and donut holes, I just want to stay out here.

This far from home, my compass is still spinning oddly and my brain really can’t square this kind of weather with the start of October. Even though I know there will be plenty more days like this to come, I desperately want to stay out here and enjoy the light for as long as I can.

This morning feels like a clear summer’s morning in the highlands, with the clear, fresh air and coolness of the blue shadows. There is a feeling, too, of autumn being just around the corner. As the lower than usual crowds start to thin further, Megan comes out of the Underground to say hello. The bikers have began to awaken and the air is filling with the all-encompassing deep throaty rumble of their machines. Time to go back downstairs.


hot dogs cars for sale

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